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About us

NPS Natural Product Standard GmbH identified that there is a demand for a clear and comprehensible Standard for a lot of natural products in combination with a label that stands for a control independent from the manufacturer. We developed such a standard with criteria that are unambiguous, legally secure and manageable. The control system is simple, but effective and reliable. The costs to take part in the control system are low priced and easy to calculate.

The Natural Product Standard is based on the experience of BDIH (www.bdih.de) concerning the association standard for certified natural cosmetics, however, it does explicitly not refer to cosmetic products, in order to avoid confusions with the existing standard for natural cosmetics of BDIH.

For the same reason, it is also not a standard of BDIH. However, BDIH is involved in the development and review of the standard criteria in an advisory capacity. The relevance and quality of the standard criteria is explicitly confirmed and the Natural Product Standard is being supported by BDIH.

The reliability of the product control is guaranteed by the fact that this control is carried out by the IONC GmbH (www.ionc.info) which is affiliated to the BDIH and is also responsible for the control of cosmetic products according to the BDIH Standard for certified natural cosmetics.

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